The BMW Club of North Jersey, established in 1973, is one of the earlier clubs to provide fellowship for BMW enthusiasts. The desire of the founding members was primarily to develop and promote a local association of motorcyclists having an interest in the BMW motorcycle and its unique characteristics. During the 1970’s and early 1980’s the club evolved to maintain this original goal. From the mid 80’s into the 90’s, the club has gladly received a diversity of owners and the diversity of BMW models offered. Enthusiasts of all BMW models are welcomed equally. The club is chartered with the BMWMOA (#39), the BMWRA (#69) and the AMA (#05752). The BMW Club of North Jersey is an independent organization, having its own guidelines and by-laws. Though faces may change from year to year, the club’s goal remains the same: to promote fellowship among motorcyclists and provide opportunities to ride our favorite brand of motorcycle. 


The club’s purpose is to simply be a vehicle to bring together motorcyclists who enjoy riding and sharing stories, ideas, opinions, as well as each others' company. BMWMCNJ does not endorse any political, religious, or cultural agenda. However, these factors and qualities do exist within the individuals that make up the membership of BMWMCNJ. Respectful members are free to speak their mind knowing there are respectful ears listening. 


BMWMCNJ holds a monthly dinner meeting each 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Sunset Grill in Lincoln Park, NJ. These meetings provide times of fellowship and allow for club business to be addressed. Governmentally, the club is non- regimented, taking only a small amount of time to address club matters and decisions. There is always sufficient time to relax and partake of either private or group conversation. 

On 4th Tuesday evenings, during the riding season, there are "social" rides to selected diners or restaurants in the area. Members, friends, as well as newcomers, gather between 7pm and 8pm for a meal and a time of fellowship. Some may opt to go on an impromptu ride afterwards. 

Either as a club or individually, members will, at times, choose to support other clubs’ rides and events. The club may also decide to support a particular charity event or cause. Individuals are always encouraged to meet and ride together in small groups, apart from the club, as well. 

The club hosts an annual event called the "SNAPPIN’ TURTLE RALLY", usually held in mid-September. This is a casual event designed to provide relaxation, camaraderie, and opportunities to make new friends as well as build on old ones. Other events may include a sit-down dinner, a gathering at a member’s home or holding a holiday party. The club is open to other suggestions from its members and friends. 


The club newsletter, called "SHAFT", is published and sent to all members (who have paid their dues) at the beginning of each month. Members are encouraged to contribute articles of interest to this publication. There is no cost for the newsletter to members. 


Membership in the BMWMCNJ is open to anyone with an interest in BMW motorcycles or those who ride them. You do not have to own a BMW to become a member. Dues are collected at the beginning of each year. To become a member of BMWMCNJ, an application that includes a "release" form must be signed by the applicant.


All interested motorcycling enthusiasts are free to come to the club’s events and meetings. Come check us out anytime. 
We welcome all motorcycling enthusiasts, regardless of the brand of motorcycle you ride.