BMW Motorcycle Club of Northern Jersey


I.       Name & Location

         The name of the Club shall be The BMW Motorcycle Club of North Jersey herein after called the “Club.” The Club shall be located in the northern part of New Jersey and conduct its business there.

II.      Purpose

         The purpose of the Club is to promote riding, touring and camping activities for BMW motorcycle enthusiasts.

Ill.         Membership

         Membership shall be open to persons who have an interest in BMW Motorcycles, There shall be no discrimination with regard to race, creed, religion or gender.  All persons seeking membership shall submit an application form prescribed by the Executive Board together with the club charges listed in Article V to the Club Secretary.  The application form shall require as a minimum:

·         The applicants name and address;

·         An agreement to abide by the Club rules and regulations and

·         to pay the Club charges prescribed by these By-Laws.

IV.         Termination of Membership

         Membership may be terminated for failure to pay Club dues or for violation of the established Club rules. Termination for failure to pay Club dues shall be automatic when such dues become delinquent. Reinstatement may be made after payment of delinquent dues. Termination for any other reason shall re-quire a majority vote and (1 5) days prior written notification to the membership that such action is to be voted upon at the next business meeting.

V.      Club Charges and Fiscal Year

         Club charges are as follow:

                  Annual dues………………..……………………$20.00

         The fiscal year shall be from January 1st to December 31st.  Dues shall be payable at the beginning of the fiscal year.  Dues not paid within sixty (60) days after January 1, shall be considered delinquent and cause for termination per Article IV. New members who join the Club after September 1st  shall be considered members in good standing for the following fiscal year.

VI.         Privileges

         All members are privileged to participate in all the Club’s business and social events, to receive the Club Newsletter and vote at business meetings.  Members may bring guests, who may ride on the members motorcycle or their own, to Club events.  All motorcyclists participating in Club riding events shall meet legal requirements for operation on the highways of New Jersey.

VII.    Officers and Directors

         Each Club officer shall own a BMW motorcycle.

         President:         The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Club with general supervision of its operations, subject to the direction and control of the membership.  The President shall administer the rules of the Club and conduct the Club business meetings.  The President has the authority to appoint committees when required and to disband them when no longer needed, and to expend the Club funds within the limits given in the approved Table of Signature Authority.

         Vice President: In the absence of the President, or in the event of the President’s inability to act, the Vice President shall exercise all the powers and perform all the duties of the President.  The Vice President shall act as the coordinator for runs, tours, and camping events.  With approval of the Board of Directors, this duty may be delegated.  Except when acting in behalf of the President, the Vice President is not authorized to expend Club funds.

         Secretary: The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Club business meetings, prepare and distribute the Club Newsletter, transmit written notification of meetings when required and handle the correspondence for the Club as required.  The Secretary has authority to expend Club funds with limits given in the approved Table of Signature Authority.

         Treasurer: The Treasurer shall have custody of all Club funds and bank accounts, issue checks for expenditures authorized by the Club or its officers and to ensure such expenditures are within the approved Table of Signature Authority.  By a majority vote at a Club business meeting the offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined.

         Member at Large: The Member at Large shall act as Sergeant at Arms at Club business meeting and may act as Club Referee.  The Member at Large is not authorized to expend Club funds.

         Board of Directors: The Board of Directors shall be composed of five (5) members: the Club officers and Member at Large elected at the annual meeting.  The Board of Directors shall have authority to take action on urgent items in behalf of the membership.  Any appointments made by the Board to fill vacancies shall be subject to confirmation by the members at the next business meeting.

         Vacancies: In the event any of the offices become vacant, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment of the Board of Directors.

VIII.   Elections

         The Club officers shall be elected by a majority vote at the annual meeting. The first nomination will occur at the October meeting and nominations will be closed at the November meeting.  This will eliminate write-in candidates.  The nominee must be at either the October or November meeting or must write to the Club President.  The ballot will appear in the December newsletter.  Mail in votes can be sent to the Club Secretary. Only members in good standing and who are willing to serve shall be nominated. All offices shall be elected for a term of one (1) year without limit to the number of terms they may be elected.

IX.     Meetings

         Annual Meeting: There shall be an annual meeting of the members of the Club to elect officers for the following year.  The annual meeting shall be the December business meeting. Notices of the annual meeting shall be sent to all members.

         Regular Meetings: Regular meetings shall be held for the conduct of the Club business. The schedule for regular meetings shall be published in the Club Newsletter.

         Special Meetings: Special meetings may be called for unusual or urgent business by the President or by written request of a minimum of five (5) members.

         Voting: Only members in good standing may vote.  All actions at meetings of members shall be by majority vote, except for amendments to By-Laws or changes to Club charges, which require two-thirds (2/3) vote.  Members must be present at business meetings to exercise their votes. If a member cannot attend the annual meeting, he or she may assign, in writing, a proxy vote to another member.  A member may carry only one proxy at the annual meeting.

         Quorum: Any number in excess of ten (10) shall be considered a quorum for all types of meetings.

X.      Amendments to the By-Laws

         Amendments to the By-Laws may be made at any of the Club meetings by two-thirds (2/3) vote of all members present, provided written notice of each proposed action was sent to all members at least fifteen (1 5) days prior to the meeting.  Changes to Club charges may be made by the same action.



  Item or Description of ExpenditureApprovals Required
                   P r e s I d e n tS e c r e t a r yM e m b e r s h I p
Postage, printing & typical Secretarial expenses      $50.00 and below      $50.00 to $80.00      Above $80.00    X  X X      X
Other Expenses      $50.00 and below     X  Plus one other officer
     $50.00 and above  X